John D.

Here’s the bottom line: Mike (the owner) has set up his business to work with you, not to squabble over money. He spends spare time fretting about what could go wrong, and setting his people to trying to prevent it before it does. […]

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Catherine O.

No muss, no fuss, pretense, geeky shirts with exorbitant prices, or any other foolishness. Just guys who know their way around a hard drive and took care of the problem. […]

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Sandra R.

I wanted to record and save on external media precious phone messages left by my granddaughters before I discontinued service with CenturyLink. I contacted Pelstar for help after numerous IT companies said they did not know of a way to do that and offered no suggestions. […]

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Katie S.

Really great experience. My PC was in poor condition when I brought it in, Mike went above and beyond to return to me in great shape in just a day. Well worth the price, will definitely come back if I need anything else! […]

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Elle H.

I am 100% satisfied with the services provided to me by Pelstar Inc! I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for quick and friendly services at decent prices. I will be using Pelstar for all my computer needs. […]

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Don M.

I needed my wireless router set up in my house so I called Pelstar thinking it would be a week before they could get to me. I was surprised that they told me they could have a technician at my house the next day. They are by far the best. I’ll be using Pelstar in […]

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