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We also offer Managed IT Services in Tucson and all throughout Arizona!

Best IT Consulting Company in Tucson

Pelstar’s Tucson IT Consultations Usually Range From:
  • IT Strategy
  • IT Projects
  • Network Optimization & Recommendations
  • Security Infrastructure & Recommendations
  • Hardware Upgrades & Recommendations
  • Software Upgrades & Recommendations

Hire Pelstar Computer Systems as your IT provider in Arizona. Our certified technology consultants and technicians have several years of training and real-world experience with technology leaders like Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, and many more. You can trust that our recommendations, are based on industry best practices and your best interests.

Get Free Consultations for businesses in Phoenix and or around the Tucson, Arizona areas.

Hire Top Managed IT Consultants in Tucson

Network Administration

Networks need to be reliable and secure. Whether your tech is on-premises or in the cloud, Pelstar Computer Systems, designs, manages, and monitors networks to ensure top performance.

Device Maintenance

Proactive maintenance of your technology keeps it running smoothly. We maintain servers, firewalls, and other technologies to reduce costly outages.

Best Support Desk

Our friendly, expert support team resolves problems quickly, efficiently and by a real person over the phone, and not a BOT or a recording.

Cloud Services

The cloud enables businesses to scale affordably. Pelstar Computer Systems, recommends and manages cloud solutions that meet and exceed, your needs and NOT your budget.

Business Communications

VoIP and video-conferencing are the new telecommunications standards. Pelstar Computer Systems, recommends, installs, and manages licenses and Installs systems that keep you connected.

Managed Cybersecurity

Pelstar Computer Systems, puts security first, from devices to software to staff training. Pelstar Computer Systems, is committed to protecting your business data and complex networks, against any type of cyber attack.


jason-goodman-Oalh2MojUuk-unsplashGet protected in Phoenix or Tucson today with our local computer service experts at Pelstar, we provide comprehensive support and protection for home or business.
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