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Managed IT services for all major industries

Pelstar’s managed IT offerings are preventative, predictable and proactive IT support that never stops monitoring your most critical systems and networks. We also offer Managed and Co-Managed Security services and Cybersecurity services.

IT Consulting & Tech Support

Your Small or Medium-sized business needs are ever so changing, as with the technology that supports your infrastructure. And with the IT Team that is required to manage all your IT needs, must sttay on top of the latest technology trends, and requirements, regulations, etc… And if you don’t have the proper team of IT Consultants and Technicians, then you obviously need the IT services team here at Pelstar.

IT Infrastructure & Virtualization

The needs associated with IT infrastructure have finally changed thanks to virtualization and cloud computing. Pelstar, can creatre a roadmap to lessen the physical requirements, so that we can harness the power of a virtual cloud enviornment architecture, so that we can cut costs not corners.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning for Tucson Businesses

We are able to recover data from hard drives, Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Outlook (pst) files. Using a powerful suite of tools, we can recover lost files from crashed hard drives, disks and other sources.

Tucson Cloud Services

Pelstar is Tucson’s Best Cloud Hosting provider and we know you depend on your website to be up and email that works. We offer business-grade spam & anti-virus filtering utilizing the latest server technology for reliability. Our web hosting offers a powerful web-based email and hosting control panel compatible with smartphones and mobile email devices, or just check your email from your phone.

Managed Microsoft 365 / Office 365 Services

Every Dell workstation we build and manage utilizes Microsoft 365 which brings together Windows 10, 11 and Office 365 for a smooth running business. With Pelstar at your side our advanced M365 security and device management, and Microsoft 365 and Office 365 solutions to make running your business profitable and fun.

Managed Network Security Services

Protecting your most critical networks and your most sensitive data secure is one of the most important things a business like yours, can do to stay on top of the competition. Mitigating the risk and keeping things as secure as possible at all times no matter what, is what we do here at Pelstar Inc. in Tucson, Arizona.

Technology Audits, Budgeting & Strategic Planning Services

Does your technology applications and networks meet or exceed your strategic and financial goals? Do you know what you need and how to keep it delivering ROI for your business? Strategic Planning services, technology aduiting and budgeting, is what you need in order to stay ontop of your business.

Managed Wireless Network Services

In todays day and age all of your employees, clients and guests constantly work together, through multiple devices, carrying them in and out of the office, office meetings, luncheons, conferences, etc.. When within a work environment, all your employees need the same level of Wireless Security, in order to keep your businesses data integrity intact.

Relocating all your IT Infrastructure

When moving to a new location with all your same IT infrastructure, and when upgrading your office space, or just improving your work environment. As with any office move the logistics associated should be strategically planned and coordinated by IT professionals and technology movers, since these people know what is neccessary to have the least impact on your downtime, so that you are back up and running over night.

Tucson’s Top Tech Vendor Management Provider

Small to medium-sized businesses require various levels of technology, although, regardless of size, every business relies on a handful of technology vendors, who provide the technology and IT solutions they need to automate and keep their business running smoothly and efficiently. And that’s why companies like yours, turn to the professionals at pelstar.

Remote Working / Mobile Management

In recent years, the ability to work remotely and away from the office has created a convenience for companies to provide flexibility to staff and expand opportunities. With this flexibility comes more vulnerablities, and room for compromise more than ever before, and hackers are now targeting home office employees, via common phishing attacks more than ever before. This is why you need Pelstar, to protect your business and your employees.

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