The Five Keys to Total Network Security

Looking for reliable Managed IT Services in Tucson, Arizona? We are a locally owned company providing managed security and IT services in Tucson and Phoenix. At Pelstar total managed network security requires five basic elements. The firewall is the foundation of a secure network, blocking unauthorized outside access. A firewall alone, however, cannot protect a network from all viruses, hackers, and internal attack. Network security must also include anti-virus protection, content filtering, intrusion prevention and wireless security. For ease of management, all of these measures should be installed at the firewall level. For a small business, managing these five key elements can be time consuming and confusing; yet they are imperative for a business network to operate without unwanted interruption of service or loss of data. managed it security services tucson from Pelsta Consulting and Managed Services Provider, who provides the best managed IT services in Tucson. From network management to advanced managed cloud services and managed cybersecurity, we got you!

How will we deliver the five keys to Total Network Security?

The Firewall

Without a firewall, computers and data are accessible to anyone on the Internet. This leaves a network open to hackers and valuable data could be stolen, changed or lost. A firewall is a barrier to keep destructive forces away from the network. It filters information coming through the Internet connection and blocks material that is flassed by the firewall. Connectivity and constant access to critical data is ensured. A firewall will protect every connection to the Internet and is fundamental for a secure network.

  • Installation, hardware, and software licensing
  • Firewall updates and osftware installed and managed
  • Monthly reporting available
    • Bandwidth, service usage, web usage, file transfer protocol, mail usage, VPN usage, attack and authentication reports
  • Annual network security analysis
  • Firewall hardware upgraded every 36 months

Anti-Virus Protection

Viruses are destructive programs that attach themselves to applications and files and can quickly damage or destroy an entire network. To have a secure network, antivirus software should be enforced at the firewall. With company e-mail use, viruses and spam may still be able to get through a basic firewall. When enforced at the firewall, anti-virus protection eliminates employee responsibility for updates and ensures the most up-to-date protection is installed across the entire network.

  • Automatic firewall enforced updates
  • Protection for all network connected computers

Content Filtering

Content Filtering takes firewall protection one step further. A firewall restricts access to the Internet by the selection of ranges of IP addresses that are allowed or banned. Content filtering allows the choice of specific subjects, titles, or even words to restrict what kind of material is accessible on a network. Content filtering can be used to block access to sites containing sexual material, violence, intolerance, drugs, illegal Sambling, auction sites, or any material deemed inappropriate in a professional work environment.

  • Installation and configuration
  • Monthly web filter reporting
  • Training provided by certified technicians

Intrusion Prevention

Computer hackers are becoming more sophisticated in their attempts to breach business networks and have wreaked havoc worldwide. In addition, spammers have become more ingenious in their abilities to access personal and confidential material from your computers. Firewalls block specific ranges of IP addresses and while this is still the best overall solution, Intrusion Prevention Service offers the most complete protection from malicious attempts to access your network. It more thoroughly investigates network traffic by examining information to defend against both internal and external attacks. It inspects traffic for spyware and other known vulnerabilities such as worms and Trojans. Intrusion Prevention Service logs unauthorized attempts to access the network, allowing this information to be used to make further improvements in security and remedy internal issues.

  • Installation and configuration
  • Monthly reporting
  • Improved security measures recommended


Adding wireless access to traditional “wired” networks creates a new level of security concerns. Wireless clients must be subject to the same user authentication and data encryption rules as all other network users. Wireless connections can open a gateway to the world by circumventing the security measures being administered at the firewall. To have a totally secure wireless network, the access equipment must be managed at the firewall so that all connections are secure and always updated for current virus protection. Requiring wireless users to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client to connect to the network forces them to connect through a preset authentication process. Each assigned user has specific access rights and network security levels are kept intact.

  • Secure wireless solution installed and configured
  • Guest access to network/Internet
  • Service log-in for authorized wireless users

Why partner with our business?

With our range of knowledge and experience, our certified technicians are the right choice for total network security. The Total Network Security package is the most complete package available today. It’s versatile allowing your company to upgrade as you grow. In addition, our security is hassle-free. We eliminate the need for maintenance, updating, equipment purchase and multiple contracts by managing these items for you. Total Network Security is hands off and worry-free.