IT Consulting


Pelstar Computer Systems’s IT Consulting Service is the perfect solution for businesses of all types no matter your industry.

Pelstar IT Services in Arizona provides IT Consulting services for technology planning and maintenance that an on-staff CIO orchestrates, while also providing a team of IT helpdesk technicians to support your staff with your technology. These services are included in our all-inclusive monthly agreement and allow each business to use our services whenever they need them without paying for full-time IT staff.

Technology Planning

Pelstar Computer Systems IT has an experienced team of technicians that have decades of experience implementing technology plans for all different types of businesses. Whether it is Healthcare, Dentistry, Accounting, Architectural, Veterinary, Legal or other services, our technicians have expertise that will allow them to help each business plan its technology for the future.

CIO IT Consulting

In many businesses, owners make all the decisions about every aspect of how the company will be run. For technology, he/she decides which equipment and software to buy and how to set up the network. Owners must also oversee the company’s cybersecurity and compliance requirements. Allow Pelstar Computer Systems IT Services to lend a hand in these decisions, freeing the owner to focus other aspects of the business. Utilize our expertise to ensure that the network and technology are set up properly from the beginning.

Network Preparation and Setup

Pelstar Computer Systems IT Services sets up networks for new and existing offices. Current offices that are expanding or adding a location may need a new or updated network. We provide a free network assessment to make sure your business technology is set up and working properly. We also provide a free Network Assessment to any business with technology concerns, who are interested in IT services, or are ready to grow. Different types of businesses need different network set-ups. Pelstar IT Services in Arizona can provide IT consulting with recommendations and potential costs of any changes.

IT Consulting

Equipment Recommendations and Costs

There are so many choices available for computers, servers, printers, scanners, and other routine tech devices. Each choice has a different cost and different specifications. Pelstar Computer Systems IT Services makes recommendations for each of these depending upon the needs of the office and each user. Then, Pelstar IT Services in Arizona can send a link with the recommended device, so you know that there are no hidden price mark-ups. When it arrives, Pelstar IT Services in Arizona sets up computers and other routine devices as part of our monthly service.

Pelstar Computer Systems IT Services also provides equipment recommendations for Networks and Servers. We identify the best set up for your company’s needs and then install it for you. Because new networks and servers are large projects, we provide a separate estimate for all necessary equipment and installation.

Maintenance Schedules

Computers and servers are expensive. Computers also have a lifespan. After about 3-5 years, they no longer work as well. Parts start to break, processors are not as fast and hard drives and power supplies start to go out. Staff cannot work when a computer or its parts die from old age. Replacing all computers every 3-5 years can be expensive. To help budget for them, Pelstar Computer Systems IT recommends replacing equipment, a few at a time, on a set schedule. For example, if the business has 50 computers, they should strive to buy 10 new computers over the course of each year. This way, all computers have been replaced over the course of every 5 years. Pelstar Computer Systems can help businesses with creating the schedule and setting up the computers. This way, both your computers and your staff can work more efficiently and avoid downtime.

Backups and Recovery Planning

Pelstar Computer Systems IT includes backups in their all-inclusive monthly agreements. Pelstar IT Services in Arizona consults with the business leadership to make sure each business is set up with the type of on-site and off-site backups they need. This way if any crisis happens, the business can bring all of their data back with minimal downtime.

IT Consulting

Cloud or On-Premise Software Recommendations

Cloud and On-Premise software is another choice that owners need to make about their technology. Pelstar Computer Systems assists with finding a great option that works for the company. Technology options change often. Therefore, it is important to have CIO IT consulting services that know of any new products that can make working more efficient. Pelstar Computer Systems offers these services to current clients and also makes recommendations for software in our free Network Assessments.

Overseeing Migrations and Projects

After consulting with Pelstar Computer Systems technicians, business owners may be ready to change from on-premise software to cloud software. Pelstar IT Services in Arizona can plan and set up a software migration to make the move to the cloud easier. Other projects may come up like changing phone systems, creating redundant Internet service, office moves, new servers, and more. Pelstar Computer Systems will be there to provide consulting, make recommendations and advise on costs and implementation with third-parties. Then, technicians will be available to make any network or local changes with the new implementation.

Security and Compliance

Pelstar IT Services in Arizona also provides IT consulting for security and compliance. HIPAA and PCI compliance is a necessary part of many businesses that deal with patient records and financial records. Through IT consulting, Pelstar Computer Systems can give each business the tools it needs to meet or exceed compliance standards. Security is paramount, and Pelstar Computer Systems offers 24/7 monitoring, anti-virus protection and backups as a proactive measure to create a secure environment. There are many other security tools companies can use to protect their data and enhance security, such as multifactor authentication, login protection and much more. During the Network Assessment or other IT consultations, Pelstar Computer Systems can advise business owners about ways the office can be more secure.