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  • Cybersecurity glossary: terminology and jargon September 19, 2018
    From rootkits to Trojans and firewalls to file shredders, our jargon buster will help you to better understand the cyberthreats faced by small businesses, and the security options available to tackle them.
  • 4 data breach dangers facing your business August 10, 2018
    The combination of high-profile cyberattacks and a global focus on data protection have made data security a priority for businesses of all sizes. Our guide presents the four largest data breach risks for small businesses.
  • When it comes to using technology to track our kids, how much data is too much? August 3, 2018
    Redwood City, CA — August 3, 2018 As FitBit Ace becomes available for children, a survey from AVG Online Security Software found that the majority o — f parents around the world (65%) are comfortable with children aged 10 and up wearing smart devices that track location and record physical activity. Approval ratings for these types of […]
  • Update your AVG Business clients ASAP August 1, 2018
    Final call to update all your AVG Business clients before the old versions hit end of life.
  • The cost of data loss to your small business June 20, 2018
    This article details how much a cyberattack can cost a small business and explains how you can work out how much an attack might cost your business. “SMBs are underprepared for constant attacks that can cost them thousands” Here are some statistics to consider: Security breaches due to cybercrime increased by 27.4% in 2017 Small […]
  • AVG Aces Malware Protection Test June 13, 2018
    AV-Comparatives knows malware. As they explain in their latest Malware Protection Test report, the Austrian-based testing lab collects “recent, prevalent samples that are endangering users in the field.” Then, they send cutting-edge, malicious files into battle against popular cybersecurity software. Who will be left standing?
  • Cybercriminals and the risks to small business May 28, 2018
    Why do cybercriminals target small businesses so much? And what can SMBs do to protect themselves?
  • AVG privacy policy updated May 26, 2018
    As an AVG subscriber, you deserve to know everything about our handling of your personal data, from what we collect and why to how we protect it. Just as new GDPR rules take effect in the EU, we have updated our AVG privacy policy with simpler, more straightforward language.
  • Android study buzzes with praise for AVG Antivirus Free May 22, 2018
    If the internet were a brick-and-mortar supermarket, and all digital software was sold as physical packages, you would find the cybersecurity section so overrun with brands that you wouldn’t be able to push your cart through the hundreds of products choking the aisles. For consumers not familiar with the cybersecurity world, discerning the good services […]
  • Cybercriminals: who are they and what do they do? May 9, 2018
    People are using the term ‘cybercrime’ more and more, but what exactly are cybercriminals? Who are they? What do they want? And, how do they get it?