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  • A Brief History of Viruses and Malware June 26, 2020
    The story of malware and the people behind it is a long and detailed one, but an important tale as well: as they say, those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it, and a better understanding of the history of viruses and malware can go a long way to helping you recognize […]
  • What Is Hacking | What Does It Mean to Be a Hacker? June 26, 2020
    Hackers. Hacking. The words get thrown around more than a frisbee at a summer barbeque, but what do they really mean? Are they indications of the illicit? Badges of honor? Something in between? This article will investigate the different types of hackers and the place they occupy in the tech ecosystem.
    Colin Asher
  • What Is a Digital Identity and How Can You Protect Yours? June 26, 2020
    Got an email account? Or a social media profile? Well then congratulations, you’ve already got yourself a digital identity. Your digital identity is made up of lots of little (or large) bits of information about you that individually may seem insignificant but, when put together, can be used to specifically identify who you are. These […]
    Christina Edwards
  • How to Check & Monitor Your GPU Temperature June 25, 2020
    Whether you’re a gamer, a video editor, or someone who enjoys looking at beautiful imagery, it’s important to learn how to monitor your GPU temperature. If your computer’s internal components get too hot, you can quickly run into problems. Here, we’ll show you how to check your GPU temp in Windows 10 and how to […]
    Ivan Belcic
  • How to Recover & Restore Deleted Files in Windows June 18, 2020
    Tossed an important file into the trash and need to get it back? If you’ve been backing up your data, you’ll have no problem recovering deleted files on your PC. If not, you can still try a few other techniques to restore deleted files on your PC. Let’s get into the art of Windows file […]
    Ivan Belcic
  • The Ultimate Guide to Data Encryption | Protect Your Data June 11, 2020
    Data encryption protects your data from being seen, hacked, or stolen. VPNs provide data encryption at the consumer level, but how about end-to-end encryption? Is a VPN the best option, or are there other solutions out there? What does data encryption even mean? Find out with our guide to everything you need to know about […]
    Ivan Belcic
  • Mac Running Slow? | How to Speed Up Your Mac June 11, 2020
    Is your Mac running slower than a sloth? Are you missing the days of lighting-fast computing? All computers slow down gradually with time, but you don’t have to put up with it — learn how to speed up your Mac with our comprehensive guide right here.
    Nica Latto
  • Ark: Survival Evolved - Launch Options & Graphics Settings June 4, 2020
    Five years on, Ark: Survival Evolved remains one of the most-played titles on Steam. And now there are even more players across the globe who are stranded and struggling to survive. We’ll show you how to optimize your Ark launch options and Ark graphics settings to get the most gorgeous survival experience available.
    Sandro Villinger
  • Cybersecurity, Performance & Privacy | Top Tips & Guides May 22, 2020
    At AVG Signal, it’s our mission to provide you with the best educational content on the internet when it comes to online security, privacy, and digital device performance. Protect yourself online with our comprehensive guides to malware, learn how to stay untraceable online, and optimize your computer and mobile devices to boost speed and performance. […]
    Nica Latto & Ivan Belcic
  • 5 Quick Tips For a Safer Browsing Experience May 22, 2020
    Using the internet both safely and privately can be pretty hard these days.
    Christina Edwards