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Bit locker turned on without user knowing or getting keys

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2022 7:55 am
by MikePeller
Home edition seems to have a light version of BitLocker that requires a MS Live account to enable, doesn’t give you configuration options, and you can’t pre-boot authenticate, but I’ve seen some other people discovering their device is encrypted after the fact when they received no notification of it being encrypted. The Live account is tied into OneDrive and that is what lets you login and collect your recovery key and is probably why we don’t always see a screen about saving the key.

It also seems that automatic device encryption after OOBE is complete is a feature that OEMs can decided to leave on or turn off, so it may vary from device to device, but like you’ve mentioned, we’ll need to verify if it has been enabled for any new laptops or Windows 11 upgrades. ... 486/page/2 ... s-11-home/ ... -bitlocker ... windows-10