Windows 11 Out of the Box Experience Network Connection Bypass

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Windows 11 Out of the Box Experience Network Connection Bypass

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Previously during Windows 11 setup, there has been an option to bypass the network connection and forced Live account creation by pressing Shift+F10 to bring up the command prompt. This seems to be bypassed in the official release of Windows 11.

The work around is as follows:

At country selection, click on the Accessibility icon to bring up the options and click on “On-Screen Keyboard”

Once the keyboard is up, click on “Options”

From the Options window, you’ll click on “Control whether the On-Screen Keyboard starts when I sign in”. After that, you can click “Cancel” and close the on-screen keyboard.

The window you opened by clicking that link previously will still be open, but it will not be able to be the focus while the OOBE process is running, so you’ll have to hold Alt + Tab and click on any windows you want to bring to focus during the rest of this process.

Continue through the Windows 11 OOBE setup until you reach the network connection screen.

Press Alt + Tab and bring the window you opened previously into focus by clicking on it. You’ll then need to press “Tab” 6 times, followed by “Spacebar” once; keep in mind that you will have to be precise since you’re doing this blind. After that, type “cmd.exe” and press Enter. You should then be able to press Alt + Tab and select the open Command Prompt window.

You will then need to type “taskkill /f /im oobenetworkconnectionflow.exe” and press Enter. This will kill the process that is driving the Network Connection dialog and will move you to the next screen which will let you create a local user account.
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