0x80090016: Keyset does not exist

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0x80090016: Keyset does not exist

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Recently the tasks in a client's Task Scheduler stopped running - "Could not start". When I try to check the properties of the task, I get a "General page initialization failed. The specific error is 0x80090016: Keyset does not exist...An error has occurred attempting to retrieve task information. You may continue editing the task object, but will be unable to change task account information." As the error message says, I can edit the task, but the task still won't initiate as scheduled.

To fix this, I followed the following steps:

1. Delete the offending "SYSTEM" account tasks in Task Scheduler.
2. Stop the Task Scheduler service
3. Delete all files in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application
4. Restart the service (I'd restart the server as soon as possible, too).

Viola! Task scheduling works again.
Greg Marlett
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