What Are Next Generation Firewalls?

What Are Next Generation Firewalls?

All firewalls protect your network, but Next-Gen Firewalls (NGFWs), offer deeper protection across your stack. As a result, they make your business more adaptable to new threats.

They have a deeper feature set including:

Application level inspection
Built-in intrusion prevention
Content filtering
Automatic updates based on threat intelligence feeds

Benefits of Next Generation Firewalls

Today’s security landscape means Next-Gen firewalls are no longer optional. NGFWs offer improved security and financial savings.

Benefits include:

Better security
Automatic updates to spot new threats
Application-level security
IPS, content filtering, and more features built-in
Long-term cost savings by consolidating security products
Time & cost savings through single portal management
Compliance with cybersecurity standards

Traditional Firewalls VS. Next Generation Firewalls

Traditional firewalls, sometimes known as first- gen firewalls, can’t fully protect your network. In short, this means you need a NGFW to protect your company in today’s security climate.


Basic packet filtering that permits or denies traffic
Stateful multilayer traffic inspection that monitors session states
Network Address Translation to hide internal IP addresses
Virtual Private Network for secure remote access


Include all traditional firewall features plus:

Application-level (level 7) protection
Content filtering
Identity based authentication
Intrusion Prevention Systems that identify attack signatures and malicious behavior
Continual updates based on new threat dataReady to Upgrade to a Next Generation Firewall?

But not sure where to start? Contact Pelstar Computer Systems for the best next-gen options for your network.