Cybersecurity Training to Protect Your Company in Tucson or Phoenix

Cybersecurity Training to Protect Your Company

Cybersecurity Training for Your Staff

As many as 95% of all cybersecurity breaches are the result of weak passwords. This means everyone at your company needs to be trained on cybersecurity best practices. Pelstar Computer Systems designs trainings that can be understood by anyone in your organization, regardless of IT knowledge.

We cover topics such as:

  • Recognizing phishing attempts
  • Secure password management
  • Identifying social engineering
  • Security tips for specific software suites
  • And dozens of other topics

Awareness, in the Workplace is “key” to protect against “Ransomware”.

Cybersecurity Training Services

Monthly Cybersecurity Training

Pelstar Computer Systems, provides cybersecurity awareness trainings as part of our IT Security for Employees, managed cybersecurity services.

Most managed cybersecurity trainings are offered as an interactive webinar, however we also have in person luncheons and conference rooms.

Why you need Cybersecurity Awareness Training
Cybersecurity Training for Your Entire Staff

Pelstar provides cybersecurity trainings that cover best practices, specific to your business or industry. We work with you to make sure your in-person or virtual training includes cybersecurity tips that are relevant to your environment.

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